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Mission Accomplished!!!

I wrote a post in January about my new year’s resolution that I will teach myself how to crochet, but my mom told me that I should learn how to knit first. So I took her advice and bought a book for beginners and the things I needed to get started. Every day and night I would take my time and practice. It's really relaxing, comfortable and fun, even if I didn't know what I was doing! When I first started knitting I kept dropping stitches and by the time I was finished with the practice piece it had a lot of runs in it lol. I kept going and didn't stop practicing. Once I got really good at it my work started looking like a master pieces. I really bought the best book on how to knit which was easy to follow. A lot of times you can buy teaching books that are really hard to understand. Because they are so difficult you either want to quit or put things on hold for a long time. In my case I didn't have that problem, thank you Lord!  Once I completed the entire lesson in the book they had a few projects for beginners. I choose to make a scarf using turquoise acrylic yarn, I love that color.  It took me about
two weeks to finish. I really wanted to take my time and make sure that I did not drop any stitches  and I didn't! My scarf is about 52 inches long. I'm so excited that I knitted my first SCARF! Now I'm making a hat for my mom; her favorite color is purple.  Down the line I will teach myself how to crochet, but for now I will stick with knitting and continue making hats and scarfs to sell in my shop for the winter.

I also started going back to school for my bachelor’s last month!!!

Have you started working on your list of things you want to accomplish in 2013? If so share with....


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Psalm 139: 14

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