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How to live a Christ-like life Lesson 1

This is the first lesson based on the outline that I previously post.  I hope that you took the time to go over the outline and have read the scriptures.

1.Give your life to God by accepting Jesus – John 3:16 and Romans 10:9-13

Jesus gave up Heaven, came to earth and on purpose took the sins of mankind.  He knew that everyone would not accept Him, but He came anyway.  Because He took on sin, He was separated from His Father. God and sin cannot associate with each other and Jesus knew that, but came to earth and took all the sins that had been committed and the ones that would ever be committed.  His love for us is so strong that He wanted to be sure that we would have the opportunity to be reconnected with God. Likewise, God loves us so much that He sent His only Son to save us. That connection would give us the right to eternal life.  It also gave us the right to live a blessed, favored, holy life.  Salvation is so simple to achieve, but we make it seem hard. “ Well, if you want to b…

There Is Nothing God Can't Handle

By Joyce Meyer

… With men [it is] impossible, but not with God; for all things are possible with God.
                                                                                                         Mark 10:27

If there are no impossibilities, then we can live in constant victory and nothing can threaten us or make us feel afraid of the future. Everything that is in the will of God will be accomplished in His way and timing. Is life too much for us? Is there anything that we just cannot handle? Not according to God, for He says through the apostle Paul that we can do all things through Christ Who is our Strength. We are ready for anything and equal to anything through Him Who infused inner strength into us (see Phil. 4:13).
Before we let go and let God be our all in all, we usually have to find out the hard way that we cannot do it all on our own. The hard way means we keep trying and failing over and over until we admit total dependence on God. It can be a long and painful journ…

How to Live a Christ-Like Life

How to live a Christ-like life
This is a brief outline of how to live a life that Jesus died for us to have. In the next lesson, I will give a brief study for each step.  I pray that you will prepare your hearts to receive what the Lord has given me to share.  Please take the time to look up each scripture on your own. God bless each of you always and in all ways.

Give your life to God by accepting Jesus: Read – John 3:16              Romans chapter 10
Study the Word of God: Read – 2 Timothy 2:15
Love and trust God: Read – Matthew 22:37-38
Walk in love with others Read – Matthew 22:39-40
Walk in peace and joy Read - Philippians 4:7-9             James1:2            Galatians 5:22
Forgive others and yourself Read - Matthew 26:28             Colossians 3:13
Pray for others and not just yourself Read - James 5:16             Philippians 4:6
Ask God what the plans are that He has for you, and then listen Read - Jeremiah 29:11
Walk in the gifts that God has given you and give Him the glor…

Take Care of What God Has Given You

By Joyce Meyer

Do you not know that your body is the temple (the very sanctuary) of the Holy Spirit Who lives within you, whom you have received [as a Gift] from God? You are not your own….                                                                   1 Corinthians 6:19

What if you went to a church and it was rundown? Peeling paint, broken doors, and smudged windows that didn’t let the light in? You’d wonder about the pastor, wouldn't you? The church is his instrument for celebrating the glory of God, yet if he doesn't respect the church enough to take the time to keep it in good condition, what does this say about his relationship with God? The same question applies to your own body- taking care of the body God has given you is the most important kind of “home maintenance” you can do! Your body is the home of your spirit where God dwells. To do the work you were meant to do, you need to keep it in shape.
I still have to remind myself of this. Once I hurt my voice by speckin…


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Personal Integrity

By: Joyce Meyer

When pride comes, then comes shame; but with the humble is wisdom. The integrity of the upright will guide them, but the perversity of the unfaithful will destroy them.
                                                                                             Proverbs 11:2-3

We live in a society that has so lost its sense of moral values that common decency is often not even practiced. Our world no longer honors God and is not concerned about integrity. Whether it involves cheating or committing fraud or specking half-truths and exaggerations that lead others to believe something that is not true, our culture is saturated with the lies of the enemy. As believers, we live in the world but are not to be of the world (John 17:11,14). If we want to walk in confidence, we cannot compromise our integrity and act as the world does. Integrity is “affirm adherence to a code or standard of values.” Our code is the Word of God. There are certain things we wouldn’t even think of d…

My First Liebster Award!

This is my first award I ever received and I‘m really excited. I’m glad my readers are enjoying my post. I was nominated by the lovely Martina @ blessedamazingly. For those of you who don't know a Leibster Award is awarded to people who have less than 200 Followers!  Thank you Martina for nominating me! This means so much to me!

The Rules are as Follows:
1.Share 11 facts about myself 2.Answer 11 questions from my nominator 3.Nominate 11 followers (with less than 200 followers) for the award 4.Create 11 questions for nominee to answer 5.And when the Nominee is finished you must link it back to me (as I did above) in your blog post

11 Facts About Me
1. My favorite color is red
2. I always wanted to learn how to snow board one day. 3. I love to read books. I can read a whole book in one day. 4. I was such a tomboy when I was young. I loving hanging with the boys and getting dirty, just having fun outside. 5.  Lady bugs are my favorite insect. I don’t see any of them like I used too. 6. I’m planni…

Celebrate the Positive

By: Joyce Meyer

For we all often stumble and fall and offend in many things. And if anyone does not offend in speech [never says the wrong things], he is a fully developed character and a perfect man, able to control his whole body and to curb his entire nature.                                                                                                   James 3:2

Our thoughts and words about ourselves are tremendously important. In order to overcome the negative thinking and speaking that have been such a natural part of our lifestyle for so long, we must make a conscious effort to meditate on and speak positive things about ourselves. We need to get our mouth in line with what the Word of God says about us. Positive confession of the Word of God should be an ingrained habit of every believer. If you have not yet begun to develop this important habit, start today. “ I am the righteousness of God in Jesus Christ. I prosper in everything I lay my hand to. I have gifts and talents and…