Monday, November 12, 2012

Hit The Delete Button

The other day I was watching Joel Osteen on television and he was talking about deleting negative things people may say about us. A lot of times we accept negative criticism that people say to us like, “you are never going to amount to anything in life; you’re never going to be the person you think you  are going to be when you grow up (doctor, lawyer, etc.)”.  When people keep talking about us negatively and we listen, we start believing it. We start saying to ourselves that I would never ever be able to do that. I don’t have the capability to do that at my skill level. Now we’re so deep in our own negative thoughts that down the line we’re never going to be who God called us to be in life. Instead of receiving negative comments from people, we need to delete them. You ask how, by saying the opposite. I will be that when I grow up. I am at that skill level to get that job. Never give up when you’re trying to reach your goals. When people say no never give up and keep pushing towards that yes. I think about Abraham Lincoln, when he kept pushing towards his dreams. He never gave up despite the failures he kept running into. Finally he reached his dreams and became president. I bet when he was failing people probably said, you need to stop embarrassing yourself and quit already. He never saw himself failing, just getting better until he reached perfection. That’s how we need to see it in our own eyes, that we’re not failing just getting better and better every day to get closer to our dreams. The key points from this message are:

v  Don’t accept negative comments from people
v  Don’t you start thinking negative about yourself
      v  Start deleting negative criticism and start thinking positive about yourself and dreams
v  You’re not failing, you’re just getting better and better everyday

Even though it might be hard to put negative comments behind you, please try and just ask God to help you. I hate to see people throw away their dreams, based on what people say about them. Don’t allow them to have their victory, prove them wrong and ask God to guide you towards your dreams.

What ways do you put down people negative comments?



  1. Such a great post! I needed to hear this. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Great post!
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  4. agreed!! awesome post! thanks for linking up!

  5. Agree with everyone. This is such a great post. I could probably be doing some of the things in the sermon. Found you from Tell Me About Tuesday. Absolutely love your blog.


  6. I really enjoyed reading this post and it is a good reminder for me to not let the negative in. And even if it does get in... get rid by hitting delete.
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  7. I have learned when people tend to make negative comments it is usually because of their own insecurities. It is important for us to motivate and lift one another up.

  8. Thanks everyone for the nice comments.

  9. you know, this little reminder couldn't have come at a better time. thanks for this. great post.


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